Selection Criteria for Sprilly

The Talent Marketplace for Emerging and CPG Brands

  1. Expertise:

    We value YOUR value. This means across your career and in building your consultancy in supporting emerging and CPG brands, you’ve accumulated a deep expertise in working with brands that we value. We know you don’t belong on other platforms because we value the niche skill set that you offer, and we want to support you in gaining exposure and earning clients. Your expertise in the emerging and CPG brand space is remarkable, and you have gone overlooked for far too long. We look to how you define your business, where and how you currently gain clients, and any credentials or outside work you’ve taken on to deepen your expertise.
  2. Experience:

    We know if you are just getting started in building your client base, there are plenty of platforms out there for you. We also know you’ve been through a lot: deep CPG industry work, early-stage building of your consultancy, so those platforms are just not the right fit for you. Your experience is what sets you apart, which means it sets us apart. We want to serve an audience of brand builders that have at least five years of accumulated experience in supporting brands.
  3. Intention:

    We’ve heard it over and over again: service providers want to support the emerging and CPG brands that are changing the world. We get it: we do too. :) We are seeking to offer the best community of experienced emerging and CPG brand builders that want to intentionally support brands that are in line with their values. We look to your goals and past history as indicators of your intention.